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Well. I would have had a Halo 3 post today... but My 360 died a week ago. And I haven't sent it in yet. Going to... just never got around to it. Have other crap to worry about. Like internet bill, electric... and rent.

SO maybe tomorrow or the next day, I'll have one. Introducing a buddy of mine, via X-Box Live.

Also, congrats on all of you who bought it last night. I would have anyway, but I thought I'd be at work at the time. (I work at Wal-Mart, and my first break is at 12:01 AM) But, I didn't realize it came out on Tuesday morning... the time I'm off.

Just know this, I was tempted the last four days to use the Walkie Stacker (Which I am certified to use, and how I run the back room for two days.) to get the pallet down that was above the Managers Office, which had the PDQ of Halo 3. T_T

It would have been worth it... if I was able to snag but one. Oh well. I also wanted to take a huge ass pallet of Game Fuel Dew home. :)

- Posted by NowaterJace on September 25th, 2007, 4:47 pm    -   0 comments

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